5 Places In Your Home Where You Should Hang A Mirror

The obvious response to the question “where must I hang a mirror?” is, without a doubt, wherever you really need it! The majority of mirrors in your home are functional, at least partly. You want to be able to see your face while you shave, brush your teeth and so on; or you’d like to see your full reflection before you leave the house to make sure you look ok.

Mirrors can make such an impact on a space, but how do you decide where to put them? It feels a little more obvious which spots in our home would benefit from prints or art decor, but mirrors sometimes feel like a harder category. If you have your eye on a beautiful mirror but are a bit unsure about mirror placement in your house, we’re here to help!

Listed below are the places on where to put mirrors as well as some tips and hints for best effect.

In an Entrance Hall

This is actually the first impression guests get of your house, and yet the majority of homes simply have a little space which is usually overlooked with regards to interior design. Any kind of mirror on the hall would reflect light, brightening up the darker area and giving a feeling of warmness. However if you intend to wow visitors, have a go with hanging a full-wall mirror in the far end, when possible. This provides the effect that the hall is a lot longer compared to what it is truly. In case on the other hand you feel your hallway appears very narrow, huge mirrors in the side walls will provide the room more depth aesthetically.

In a Living Room

Any kind of mirror can help make a room alive, which makes it feel more lived-in and cozy. However if you’ve got specific features to showcase, such as valuable artwork, a chandelier or perhaps a spectacular view on your garden, put the mirror appropriately so that it reflects that. In case you’re intending to hang a mirror on the mantelpiece, the perfect height is 4-5” above the mantle. There aren’t any rules regarding the size of the mirror – you can hang one which is as long as the mantlepiece, lengthier or less, given you make certain it’s hung symmetrically!

In the Bathroom

It is one more space that’s possibly small. By simply avoiding heavy-framed mirrors, you could reflect light as well as a sense of space. You could try bevelled mirrors: these don’t have any frame at all, however the angled sides appear neat and refined while getting and refracting the light all around the room.

In the Kitchen

In case you reside in a tiny space, odds are your kitchen seems cramped. Just hanging a mirror on non-traditional areas such as above the sink or stove could do magic! And if you truly wish to liven things up, mirrored kitchen cabinets could be quite amazing too.

In the Garden

Mirrors don’t only boost inside – they could be utilized to produce wonderful effect on outdoors too! Once again, they’ll create a little garden appear bigger, particularly if you set a full-length one opposite borders or additional features of interest. Make use of little, round mirrors dotted all around walls to make an effect of a window to a different world, however you should never set any reflective surface in which it may become a fire hazard as it gets a lot of direct sunlight.

So there you have it – the top 5 areas in which mirrors can definitely be a working asset for your home renovation project. Keep in mind that these aren’t the only areas in your home that you’d hung a mirror, so feel free to place them anywhere you want. However you’ll find the spots mentioned above help you out the most throughout the house.


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