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How To Clean You Vintage Rugs + Leather Sofas

Vintage rugs are simply, a vintage. They’re old, have likely been passed on and witnessed lots of love throughout the years. Getting a rug cleaned professionally is a thing that needs to be considered prior to diving into cleaning your own vintage rug. Assess the level of dirt in the rug. If you think it can be managed by yourself, then we are going to show you how to clean a vintage rug.

How To Clean A Vintage Rug

Step 1: Look for a clean, flat place outside the house to work on. This could be your garage or front porch, simply clean it off prior to rolling out the carpet.

Step 2: Lay out the rug having the piling side down and vacuum moving along the weave first. Go over into the rug moving against the weave however be cautious to not catch the fringe when applicable.

Step 3: Turn the rug over and do again step #2.

Step 4: For vintage rugs which simply requires to be spot cleaned, deal with any spots using a vinegar blend of 1/2 tsp of dish washing liquid, 1/2 cup of white vinegar and two cups of water. Be mindful in scrubbing the solution into the spot, lightly massage it and let it soak for five minutes.

If you think that your rug requires additional cleaning, spray the whole rug using a water hose on each side.

Step 5: Load a spray bottle with a lot more vinegar mixture and spray completely on the rug. Using the water hose, spray off the mixture.

Step 6: Lastly, allow the rug to dry up using a fan to ensure there isn’t any mildew coming from the water. Also you can hang the rug on the porch rail or cement wall in order to air it out. As soon as it’s totally dry, take your new-to-you rug inside your home!

How to Clean a Leather Sofa

Leather furniture is a lovely choice for your home, however it also require a few knowledge and some particular tools to maintain it looking brand new. No matter whether you are dealing with crayon marks from kids, wine spills from visitors or those unavoidable scuff marks from day-to-day use, learn how to clean a leather sofa to maintain it looking excellent.

1. Vacuum the Sofa

Just before trying to eliminate any stain coming from your leather couch, you need to eliminate first any dirt or dust coming from the surface. Make use of a vacuum cleaner having a soft brush attachment to clean up the sofa, and make sure to get deeply to the crevices to get rid of any particles.

2. Select a Cleaning Solution

Choose a cleaning solution particularly designed for leather, or make your own solution coming from a mixture of water as well as white vinegar. In case you’re buying commercial leather solution, refrain from detergents, solvents, and any cleaners which have ammonia, bleach or sodium laurel sulfates, because these could damage or dry up the leather.

3. Employ Solution to the Stain

Spot test the solution on the concealed portion of the sofa before you apply it to a noticeable region. In case the cleaner doesn’t create damage or discoloration, employ it into the stain utilizing a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. Apply gently to prevent scattering the stain, rinsing and wringing a lot of water from the cloth while you go.

4. Deal with Heavier Stains

In case the leather sofa is overwhelmed with a lot more stubborn stains, you might require some other cleaning solution. You should try saddle soap or a leather-based cleaning solution having organic beeswax being an ingredient. Refrain from petroleum products which could remove your sofa of its natural oils, leading to damage or drying out of the leather.

5. Dry the Sofa

Right after you’ve eliminated the stains from the sofa, it’s vital that you dry up the material as much as you can. Prolonged dampness ruined leather. Hair dryers dry out the leather, thus never ever utilize them in your furniture. Make use of a clean dish cloth or bath towel in order to dry any wet areas in your sofa.

6. Condition the Leather

Right after your sofa is stain-free and dried up, give it a conditioner to protect and preserve the leather. Pick a wax-based leather conditioner to get the best results, massaging into the leather using a clean cloth.

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