Upgrading your kitchen wall decor with simple, design-savvy modifications will enhance your cooking and eating experience. Listed here are five kitchen decorating ideas which take your kitchen’s walls from boring to inspired:

1. The Three-Color Palette

Color is among the quickest and most affordable methods to update a room. However excellent kitchen wall colors don’t occur accidentally. The trick is on the three-color palette:

Color 1: A pre-existing kitchen color which can’t be altered. This can be the colour of the cabinets or countertop.

Color 2: A neutral that you pick. Apply it for the fresh kitchen wall color which matches color 1. It’ll function as your decor background.

Color 3: The color which makes the kitchen unique. It’s commonly a striking and unexpected color that works well with your palette. Color three adds pop into your kitchen. Utilize it as a statement piece for the accessories such as barstools, floral vases or kitchenware.

The best method to get the best three-color palette would be to get paint pieces in the tones you want and shuffle them all around till you’re pleased with the blend. The moment you discover your personal three-color palette, have a collection of paint chips handy for item shopping.

2. The Top Kitchen Decorating Ideas Begin With a Centerpiece

Try and see your present kitchen decoration the way a guest would see it the first time. Enter your kitchen and consider what you notice. Is the first thing you notice something you love? Or else, what can you instead notice first? Create that area as well as the closest wall your centerpiece.

Focal points are attractive and visually jump out at you. In comparison to the rest of the kitchen, the centerpiece is unique and bold. To produce a focal wall on your kitchen, try these techniques:

  • Fresh paint your focal wall in the bold shade you selected from the kitchen’s three-color palette
  • Suspend a huge artwork in the focal wall
  • Make use of textured, patterned, or vibrantly-colored wallpapers

Be courageous whenever dressing up your centerpiece – it’s only one wall.

3. Open Shelves – the Newest Trend in Kitchen Wall Decor

In case you’ve upgraded your kitchen decorating using new, fashion-forward colours and also a focal wall, it’s time for it to put layers. The newest craze in kitchen design is open shelving, rather than cabinets. This particular appearance lightens a kitchen up by simply building visual space, however needs you to cover up all of the tupperware and mismatched glasses in much less cabinets.

Rather than ripping out your upper cabinets, consider upgrading your kitchen wall decoration by putting a couple of floating shelves in an open wall. Floating shelves are available in several designs and are simple to install. Just keep your floating shelf display objects minimal and color-coordinated.

For a greater transformation, make doors off of 1 or 2 kitchen cabinets and wallpaper or paint the rear of the cabinet. You can have a fresh open display space. To provide your new display life, put LED under-cabinet lights to spotlight those items. Battery-powered lights are readily available if perhaps cabinet wiring is a problem.

4. The Carefully-Curated Kitchen Wall Design

Set your kitchen separately by having touches of your character. Gallery wall collections are favored by designers and also magazines since they’re distinctive making a dull wall exciting. Collect favorite items together and make use of them as kitchen wall decoration.

Contemporary kitchen decorating ideas for a gallery wall set consist of:

-Framed album covers


-Framed wallpaper or fabric swatches

-Antique dishes

-Bare antique frames of various sizes and shapes

-A number of mirrors

There aren’t any complete design rules to making a kitchen gallery wall. Symmetrical, designed or freestyle positioning are all great techniques. In order to save time, organize your collection on the ground prior to suspending to get the best spacing and positioning.

5. Customize Your Kitchen Wall Using Chalkboard Paint

A can of black chalkboard paint is relatively cheap and an easy way to decorate an accent wall on your kitchen. Black is actually a bold, eye-catching wall color and also the ideal backdrop for your ever-changing chalk art.

When you are out of wall space, a door or cabinet surface is the one other excellent chalkboard. Don’t forget to layer. A floating shelf or gallery wall set in your chalkboard wall enhances the unique appearance of your fresh, inspired kitchen walls.

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